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Why destination content is a must and which airlines are outperforming others in this category

  Aviation's ever-increasing competition and customer complexity have drawn companies' attention to strategies. Aiming not only to surpass the competition but also to captivate customers,... Read more

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Why should travel companies invest in a good UX strategy?

  Investing in a good UX strategy can be the perfect solution to retain customers in the digital space. The online travel industry is becoming a crucial part of the travel and tourism game. Each... Read more

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The power of a strong ancillary strategy

It is no secret that the airline industry is doing very well. With technology disrupting services, the smart carriers are learning to take advantage of every single touchpoint of the customer... Read more

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Eyes opened for Generation Alpha's behaviour

A new Generation is establishing its place in the travel industry. After Millennials and their indecision and Generation Z's open-mindedness, now we have the Generation Alpha (born after 2010). A... Read more

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Food and Travel: Using Experiences to Attract Travellers

In this modern day and age tourism is no longer a complete word without being followed by experience. Food and travel combined have been a great combo for the creation of unforgettable... Read more

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Customer Journey in the travel industry: IATA Report Insights

The customer journey will most likely be unforgettable if there are great improvements in the passenger experience. Travelling is always meant to be pleasant, however, the simplest problem can... Read more

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Watch Out: How Machine Learning is taking over the travel industry

Enhancing customer experience and personalisation has been on the minds of every travel industry player. With a wide variety of solutions available in the market, it is easy to find ways to... Read more

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The Growing Hospitality Wellness Trend

The concept of hospitality wellness becomes more relevant over the years as people’s desires, in regards to travelling and tourism, changed. The wellness industry has been experiencing a boom as... Read more


Overtourism and Its Effects on Popular Holiday Destinations

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that popular holiday destinations in possession of a pretty view must be in want of tourists.” Unfortunately, the popularity of some travel destinations can... Read more


How to build customer loyalty in the travel industry

It is understandable that what was a loyalty-driven factor then, might not be that efficient now. The transparency in prices that the travel industry experiences nowadays, makes the process of... Read more

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