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Watch Out: How Machine Learning is taking over the travel industry

Enhancing customer experience and personalisation has been on the minds of every travel industry player. With a wide variety of solutions available in the market, it is easy to find ways to... Read more


The Growing Hospitality Wellness Trend

The concept of hospitality wellness becomes more relevant over the years as people’s desires, in regards to travelling and tourism, changed. The wellness industry has been experiencing a boom as... Read more


Overtourism and Its Effects on Popular Holiday Destinations

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that popular holiday destinations in possession of a pretty view must be in want of tourists.” Unfortunately, the popularity of some travel destinations can... Read more


How to build customer loyalty in the travel industry

It is understandable that what was a loyalty-driven factor then, might not be that efficient now. The transparency in prices that the travel industry experiences nowadays, makes the process of... Read more


How IGTV greatly influences the desire to travel

Instagram launched its own standalone vertical video application around a year ago and it is called IGTV. Unlike the main platform application, IGTV enables users to post longer video clips thus... Read more


What Millennials Demand from Travel Industry Players

The market comprising millennials is requiring the focus of the travel and tourism sector. Since this target has a completely different way of looking at travel, meeting their expectations can... Read more


DMO’s: Discovering the new Destination Marketing tactics

Every brand needs to learn how to innovate itself as the years go by. Some traditional brands have already achieved a level of awareness in marketing skills that allow them to accompany the... Read more

International investors boost Smartvel's capital to increase its growth

- The Spanish startup, developer of its own tourist content technology, closes its second round of investment worth 1.05 million dollars. - The operation has been led by top-tier investors... Read more

How Online reviews affect traveler’s decision-making process and what should companies do about it

  There are many types of travelers in the world. The passage of time has consolidated a very heterogeneous sector that includes profiles of all kinds, from the most traditional to the most... Read more

6 Travel Industry trends to keep an eye on

Changes in the Travel Industry happen at a rapid pace. Keeping up with the dispersed information is almost an impossible mission. Between the yearly, semesterly and monthly forecasts, readers are... Read more

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