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DMO’s: Discovering the new Destination Marketing tactics

Every brand needs to learn how to innovate itself as the years go by. Some traditional brands have already achieved a level of awareness in marketing skills that allow them to accompany the... Read more

International investors boost Smartvel's capital to increase its growth

- The Spanish startup, developer of its own tourist content technology, closes its second round of investment worth 1.05 million dollars. - The operation has been led by top-tier investors... Read more

How Online reviews affec traveler’s decision-making process and what should companies do about it

There are many types of travelers in the world. The passage of time has consolidated a very heterogeneous sector that includes profiles of all kinds, from the most traditional to the most digital... Read more

6 travel trends to keep an eye on

Changes in the Travel Industry happen at a rapid pace. Keeping up with the dispersed information is almost an impossible mission. Between the yearly, semesterly and monthly forecasts, readers are... Read more


Our trip with Singapore Airlines, how to enhance the Customer Journey Experience

Today is a good day. Finally, after working on a detailed implementation plan along with the great Singapore Airlines Digital Team, we can see how, probably the best reference in quality in the... Read more


Bleisure Travelers: A Breakdown of Expedia's Research

Bleisure, that funny word that seems to be buzzing around, and for good reason. It’s the new hybrid traveler: the business man or woman who is looking to have a little fun, whether it be... Read more

How to convince a Millennial to book a trip with an Offline Travel Agency

With the arrival of summer, it is almost impossible not to think about holidays. When I talk about holidays, I mean amazing beaches, spectacular scenery and unique locations around the world...... Read more

7 Widgets for hotels to improve user experience

Widgets developed for hotels, also known as plugins, are a quick and easy way to acquire extra features on any hotel website. They are able to turn an ordinary website into a source of relevant... Read more

Digital Transformation in the Tourism industry

Digital Transformation in the tourism industry is gaining relevance. With the ubiquity of Smartphones in the consumer's life it is no surprise that gradually more tourists are booking through... Read more

Content Marketing in the Tourism Industry

Content Marketing is a very generous word, broad, I would say. Everything fits in this term: branding, service, product, communication, etc., but I will not review those general principles, I aim... Read more

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