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Our trip with Singapore Airlines, enhancing the customer experience


Bleisure Travelers: A Breakdown of Expedia's Research

Bleisure, that funny word that seems to be buzzing around, and for good reason. It’s the new hybrid traveler: the business man or woman who is looking to have a little fun, whether it be... Read more

How to convince a Millennial to book a trip with an Offline Travel Agency

With the arrival of summer, it is almost impossible not to think about holidays. When I talk about holidays, I mean amazing beaches, spectacular scenery and unique locations around the world...... Read more

7 Widgets for hotels to improve user experience

Widgets developed for hotels, also known as plugins, are a quick and easy way to acquire extra features on any hotel website. They are able to turn an ordinary website into a source of relevant... Read more

Digital Transformation in the Tourism industry

Digital Transformation in the tourism industry is gaining relevance. With the ubiquity of Smartphones in the consumer's life it is no surprise that gradually more tourists are booking through... Read more

Content Marketing in the Tourism Industry

Content Marketing is a very generous word, broad, I would say. Everything fits in this term: branding, service, product, communication, etc., but I will not review those general principles, I aim... Read more

Smartvel interview with Betabeers

Betabeers is a community of web, mobile apps and hardware developers that has brought us a lot of success, probably being the best online portal in Spanish for finding the next engineer for your... Read more

The online concierge, closer to hotels thanks to ITH and Smartvel

At Smartvel, we have been working with a lot of effort and love on a technology solution that helps travelers plan their trip from start to finish since 2012. Today, we can say that we are very... Read more

March work and April news bring forth May flowers

March hard work and April goodnews bring forth May flowers. At Smartvel, we are having a very fruitful April, both commercially (new customers confirmed) and product updates (new features). As many... Read more

¿Por qué los consumidores prefieren realizar sus reservas en las agencias online?

Es bien conocido el hecho de que muchos hoteles están experimentando un notable incremento de las reservas provenientes de agencias online (OTAs) y, en especial, de Por el contrario, las... Read more

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