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What is the future of the Cruise Industry

What is the future of the Cruise Industry?

With its unique risks and challenges, the future of the cruise industry is one that continues to be in flux. From innovative tech to emerging green corridors, we’ll dive into the current momentum of... Read more

Sustainable Travel - Alignment with the environment

Sustainable Travel: Alignment with the environment

From transportation and operations to architecture and design, sustainability initiatives within the travel industry can help protect the places we love, while guarding the health of communities,... Read more

The Travel Industry and Digital Transformation

The Travel Industry and Digital Transformation: A roadmap for success

Digital transformation in the travel industry is essential, but it can be difficult to implement. The world of technology often seems to rush - and change - at lightning speed, and focusing on... Read more

A Guide to Bleisure Travel Marketing

A Guide to Bleisure Travel Marketing

Though the term dates back over a decade, bleisure travel - or travel combining business and leisure - is on the rise as global vaccinations increase and the remote workforce continues to grow. Read more

How Destination Content APIs Can Transform Your Digital Marketing

How Destination Content APIs Can Transform Your Digital Marketing

Whether your organization offers flights, accommodations, or local tourism information, providing your audience with helpful travel info is key to building and sustaining relationships. As the role... Read more

How Smartvel Travel Restrictions API and widget solution has evolved in 2021 and what we foresee in 2022

To say that 2021 has been one of the best years for Smartvel, a technology company in the tourism industry probably deserves to be told. How did a company that in February 2020 was selling... Read more

International Travel Restrictions: Clarity is Key to Building Brand Trust

With 2022 in motion, your team is most likely full speed ahead on new projects, campaigns, and content creation. As the COVID crisis continues to develop, macro initiatives may be well underway, but... Read more

hotel trends 2022

The Top Hotel Trends to Watch in 2022

As we look towards the future of travel, several hotel trends in 2022 are emerging amongst the industry-wide momentum. Along with industry essentials like contactless technology and travel... Read more

future of travel

4 Elements That Will Shape The Future of Travel

With 2022 on the horizon, the journey to renewed travel continues.  As of this month, over 7 billion vaccine doses have been administered, while news of innovative COVID treatments from Pfizer and... Read more

traveler journey

The Traveler Journey: How to Engage Your Audience Every Step of the Way

Connecting with your audience and providing beautiful, stress-free travel experiences has always been key to building a sustainable travel community. Yet with the growth of digital channels and... Read more

Travel trends 2022

On the Horizon: 6 Travel Trends for 2022 and beyond

Each year, we look at forecasted travel industry trends that will greatly impact global tourism and hospitality. With the gravity of the COVID crisis, these insights are much more than travel trends... Read more

Understanding Travel Requirements for 2022 and beyond

From real-time travel requirements to engaging data displays, explore how Smartvel’s solutions can provide your travel community with clarity and peace of mind as we navigate the upcoming travel... Read more

Airline Marketing: Providing the Right Personalized Content at Every Step of your Passenger's Journey

The "personalization" concept is not a new one. In Airline Marketing, professionals are aware of the benefits of increasing customer loyalty via personalizing the customer's journey from awareness to... Read more

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