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Our trip with Singapore Airlines, enhancing the customer experience



Singapore Airlines is not just another good airline. It is the only one that has been ranked in the top three position consecutively in the last 10 years as the best airline in the world. And for those who have been working for many years in the tourism industry, you will agree that Singapore Airlines is the equivalent of high standards in service, quality, efficiency, and customer oriented KPIs.

As our customer since 2018, Singapore Airlines has been able to enhance the traveller's journey by providing high quality and relevant content from their main destinations. As part of their digital content strategy, the airline sought to enrich the content of their destination pages. The aim was to go the extra mile by offering, not just basic information about the destination, but giving the user a complete trip planning tool containing everything the traveller needs to make the most of the trip.  This is an example of how the leading airline is working hard on developing an outstanding customer experience strategy. 

All Singapore Airlines customers are able to know what to do at the destinations they are travelling, by mixing the live cultural agenda of the cities with the hotels recommended by the airline, together with many layers of relevant content (monuments, restaurants, tours, etc). The web and web mobile users can book any 3rd party ancillaries such as hotels, restaurant, tour, concerts... directly from the airline's partnerships thanks to Smartvel’s technology acting as a meta-searcher solution, in a white label within their digital channels.

Although most of the airlines provide some basic travel information (where to go, where to stay, restaurants, etc.), the matter of finding ways to offer an added value, such as up-to-date content with high usability, has become crucial to all the players within this extremely competitive industry. Moreover, providing inspirational content can positively impact customer loyalty and drive traffic to their digital channels.

You can check Smartvel's solution within Singapore Airlines here

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